I'm Reddoz, a 3D artist and level designer focused on making content for Minecraft. I love creating immersive worlds and experiences through my creations. I've been playing and designing on Minecraft for over 8+ years.

I also love cats!

Some Teams I've worked with

What programs do you use?
BlockBench & Blender.

Will you make a classic (Steve) version of your skins?
Nope, I personally do not like the classic skin model and have no plans on making skins for it.

Can I share/repost your work?
Yes, though you must give me credit even if it’s an edit. Though you are not allowed to use my work to promote toxicity or to profit off of.

Do you do commissions?
If you are interested in commissioning me check out my Ko-fi.

Models & Skins

Skins Packs

Games & Maps

Mob Onesies

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Click skin to view skin file.


Click skin to view skin file.


Click skin to view skin file.